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The Cruncher

This honey-sweetened basic granola is less sweet and a very nutty flavor. Loaded with almonds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and flax, it's a great snack to keep you going throughout the day!


Almond Ginger

The most popular, this crisp maple-oaty goodness has chunks of crystallized ginger tossed in...if you're a ginger fan, you're in for a treat!


The Superseeder

The newest flavor is also the least sweet and has no nuts. To make sure you're getting your protein, there's five different types of seeds - pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, chia, and flax!




Cranberry Coconut

This crunchy, coco-nutty treat is sweetened with honey and toasted with almonds and the perfect amount of coconut...then finally tossed with dried sweetened cranberries for good measure.


Grain-Free Almond Coconut Crunch

The Baker's Favorite! This gluten-free-by-nature granola is loaded with two types of almonds, two types of coconut, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. It is sweetened with pure maple syrup and baked to golden crispy perfection.

*Please note while this product is made with no gluten-containing products, it is made in a facility that processes wheat.



If you are interested in carrying this product, please fill out a contact form. 

*Please note the Grain-Free Almond Coconut Crunch is not available for wholesale.

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Almond Coconut Crunch (Grain-free)
Almond Ginger Granola
Cranberry Coconut Granola
The Cruncher Granola
The Superseeder